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Personal Banking

Convenience Services

Salisbury Bank offers a variety of convenience services developed for today's busy lifestyles. Whether you want to bank at one of our branch offices, your home, your office, or from the other side of the world, we have a product that's right for you!

Personal e-Banking and e-Pay

Salisbury Bank's Free e-Banking and e-Pay services are an easy, safe, and secure way to manage your accounts, check balances, transfer funds, and pay your bills.

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Mobile Banking

Salisbury Bank's Free Mobile Banking App available for iPhone, Android, and other web-enabled devices.  You can view your account information anytime, anywhere!

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Person to Person Payments, The WayiPay

A convenient and safe way to send money to family, friends, or others who prefer a direct deposit payment.

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Bank to Bank Transfer*

  • Allows you to move money between your Salisbury Bank accounts and your accounts at other U.S. Financial Institutions.
  • Ability to set up recurring and future dated transfers for extra peace of mind.
  • Easy way to move money to Salisbury Bank to pay bills through e-Pay.
  • Transfer limits and fees apply.

*Your Bank to Bank Transfers are subject to the following frequency and dollar limits: Inbound Transfers (2) Transfers per Business Day, not to exceed a total of $5,000 per Business Day. Outbound Transfers (2) Transfers per Business Day, not to exceed at total of $5,000 per Business Day.

Fees apply to Outbound Transfers made through the Bank to Bank Transfer Service.  There is no fee for Inbound Transfers. We may revise the fees for Bank to Bank Transfer Services in our discretion at any time.



Our Free bank-by-phone service offers you around-the-clock convenience. Access your accounts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, using your touch-tone telephone.

One simple call lets you:

  • Verify your account balance, the date and amount of your last six deposits and withdrawals, or the most recent checks that have cleared your checking account.
  • Get the current interest rate on your savings or money market accounts.
  • Verify the rate, maturity date and available interest on your certificate of deposit.
  • Transfer funds from one Salisbury Bank account to another.
  • Initiate stop payments (fee applies).
  • Request a fax of your statement (fee applies).
  • Make Salisbury Bank loan payments and verify payments and due dates.


It's easy to use bank-by-phone. All you need is:

  • A touch tone phone
  • Your Salisbury Bank account number(s)
  • A five-Digit PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • And this important number: 860.824.8262

Debit MasterCard®
the card that makes managing your finances easier!

Enjoy the convenience of credit card shopping without interest charges or annual fees with your Debit MasterCard®! Just present your card and the transaction will be automatically deducted from your checking account and conveniently detailed on your monthly checking account statement and online banking register.

A better way to handle your expenses:

  • Shop anywhere MasterCard® is accepted and your purchases will be automatically deducted from your account.
  • More convenient than cash - use the card for everyday expenses.
  • Control your expenses - view all transactions online or on your monthly account statement.
  • Faster and easier than writing a check and waiting for approval.
  • Get cash from your checking or savings account at any Salisbury Bank ATM and thousands of ATMs worldwide.
  • Get cash back at participating merchants.
  • Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts at Salisbury Bank ATMs.
  • Make deposits to your checking or savings account at Salisbury Bank ATMs.

For more information contact your local Branch Manager or call Salisbury Bank at

Enjoy added security on the web with MasterCard® SecureCode™

Be more confident when you shop online. With MasterCard® SecureCode™ it's simple and more secure. This service enhances your existing Salisbury Bank Debit MasterCard account. You choose a private code, which provides added protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop online at participating merchants.

To choose your own SecureCode™, click here and follow the simple steps. Or log on directly at

Salisbury Bank offers even more services that save you time and money. 


Salisbury Bank has convenient 24 hour ATMs at each of our nine branch offices in  Canaan, Lakeville, Salisbury and Sharon, Connecticut; Great Barrington, Sheffield and South Egremont, Massachusetts; and Dover Plains and Millerton, New York.

Night Depositories

It's easy to make deposits at any time, day or night using our convenient night depositories at all of our branch offices.

Free Direct Deposit

Direct deposit of your government checks, Social Security, and payroll checks provides convenience and peace of mind because you know your deposit is safely made to your account, even when you're away from home. Visit your branch for details.

Domestic and International Wire Transfers

Our Wire Transfer Service lets you transfer money to and from your Salisbury Bank account to locations around the world. Visit your branch for details.

Automatic Savings Plans

Sign up to have money automatically transferred on a regular basis from your checking or savings account to another Salisbury Bank account.

Automatic Loan Payments

Save money on postage or trips to the bank by automatically paying your Salisbury Bank loan every month from your checking or savings account.


We'll give you a free supply of Bank-by-Mail envelopes so you can do your banking from home or while on vacation.

Safe Deposit Box

Protect your valuables with a Salisbury Bank Safe Deposit Box. Boxes are available at our Lakeville, Canaan, Dover Plains, Sheffield and South Egremont branch offices.

Notary Service

Do you need your important documents notarized? We will be glad to notarize your documents at any of our branch offices.

Signature Guarantee

Do you have an official document that needs a signature guarantee? Salisbury Bank offers this convenient service when you need a guarantee that the signature on a specific document is genuine.