Bank Imposter Scams are when a scammer contacts you pretending to be someone from your bank. They often know some of your personal and/or account information, which could have been collected from social media, public records, and/or a data breach. The call may even look like it's coming from your bank because the scammer uses spoofing technology to disguise the number on your caller ID.

Typically, they say that there is suspicious activity on your account and that to stop it you will need to provide personal information, such as your account number and/or Social Security Number (SSN), a Personal Identification Number (PIN), or your username and password.

Other times, you are instructed to send money to yourself or someone else to "reverse" a payment that was made in error. The scammer may give you a script or coach you on what to say to bank staff when sending money. The scammer may even say that your bank and/or a bank employee is being investigated and cannot be trusted to get you to send money to them without alerting suspicion by bank staff.

What you can do 

  • Watch out for scammers who may be able to spoof a phone number so the caller ID reads “Salisbury Bank”.
  • DO NOT share your account numbers, SSN, debit card security code, debit card PIN, or e-Banking password with anyone who contacts you requesting it. Salisbury Bank will never call and ask you for that information.
  • Know that Salisbury Bank will not ask you to send money to anyone, including yourself, to "reverse a transfer," "receive a refund," or anything similar. Remember, if a correction is needed, the bank has your account information.
  • If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up immediately, and if you receive a suspicious text, don’t respond, and don’t click on any links. If the caller claims to be from the Salisbury Bank Fraud Department, please call Customer Support directly at 860.596.2444 to verify the request.
  • If you are asked to go into a branch to take funds from your account and are given a script or are coached on what to say, please contact your personal banker or call Customer Support directly at 860.596.2444.