One of the suggestions real estate professionals make to people who want to list their home is to enhance its ‘curb appeal’. First impressions are important. And you don’t have to be selling your home to take advantage of these tips; do it now, and enjoy the pick-me-up you get every time you see your house. It doesn’t require a big investment to get a big payoff. Here are a few relatively inexpensive ways to start making a better impression right away.

  1. Paint your front door and replace old or outdated hardware.
  2. Plant flowers and attractive foliage in front of your home, or create a container garden.
  3. “Stage” your front porch with a couple of attractive chairs and some potted plants.
  4. Consider flower boxes under front windows.
  5. Clean up your yard. If you have a lawn, keep it mown. Keep flowerbeds weeded.
  6. Plant some lights. Place inexpensive solar lights along your walkways and/or driveway.
  7. Don’t have a walkway? Create one with stepping stones, mulch, or even a line of low, thick-growing plants.
  8. Upgrade outdoor seating area(s). Re-paint flaking furniture and replace faded cushions. Get rid of anything in bad condition.
  9. Make your entry welcoming. There’s nothing like a fresh mat and a wreath to say “Come on in!”
  10. Clean your gutters. We know it’s a chore, but clogged gutters communicate neglect. If necessary, replace old gutters and downspouts.
  11. Rent a power washer and get all the grime off your painted wood, stone and/or brick walls.
  12. Upgrade your house numbers. Bold, well-placed numbers not only look good, they make it easier for guests and emergency workers to find your house.