Business e-Deposit allows you to make deposits and process payments directly from the convenience of your office! This service, which is also called remote deposit capture or merchant capture, helps your business save time and money. Using a compact scanner, you simply scan your checks, and the images are saved in an electronic image file. The scanned digital images are then transmitted electronically to Salisbury Bank for deposit into your business account.

Make deposits any time

Enjoy the convenience of transmitting deposits electronically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even weekends.

Save time and money

Eliminate the driving expense and the time you or your employees spend going to the bank to make deposits.

Manage your account more efficiently

Check images are maintained and stored for easy access. No more photocopying checks received from customers! Upload activity to your business accounting software. Access a variety of useful reports to efficiently manage your business finances.

Improve profitability

Now your staff can dedicate themselves to advancing your business rather than making the daily bank deposit.

Consolidate deposits from multiple locations

Check deposits can easily be made from any remote office or storefront. This streamlines your cash flow because you can consolidate deposits from multiple locations into a single account.

Reduce risk of check fraud

Faster clearing means you will receive quicker notice of returned items, increasing your ability to collect.

Safe and secure

Salisbury Bank's Business e-Deposit is web-based and uses the latest, most stringent security features and encryption to ensure your account information is protected.

Business e-Deposit offers you additional payment options to enhance your cash flow:

Telephone Payments

Your business can accept payments from customers' bank accounts over the telephone.

Preauthorized Payments

Your customers can request a payment to be electronically withdrawn from their bank account.

Recurring Payments

Your customers can request that continuing payments be electronically withdrawn from their bank accounts.

Here's how Business e-Deposit works:

  1. Log in - to our secure website.
  2. Scan checks - Scan your checks using your desktop scanner. Both sides of the checks are scanned.
  3. Prepare your deposit - view images of the scanned checks right on your PC and balance your deposit.
  4. Transmit your deposit - transmit your deposit to Salisbury Bank through a secure internet connection.
  5. Funds are deposited into your account - It's that easy!

You will also need the following:

  • PC with Internet access.
  • Desktop check scanner provided by Salisbury Bank.
  • Business account and Business e-Banking service with Salisbury Bank.
  • Salisbury Bank staff will provide training and installation support to your company to ensure a smooth process! It's that simple!


Contact your local Branch Manager or call Salisbury Bank at 860.596.2444

Get Started with Business e-Deposit

Contact your local Branch Manager or call Salisbury Bank at 860.596.2444. We will be happy to assist you with the necessary paperwork and application.