Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

as of April 16th at 8:37 a.m.

All branch lobbies are now open- please click here for more information regarding our safe banking guidelines. 


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues, we are constantly monitoring the latest reports from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and State Officials. We will keep you updated on the steps we are taking to keep our employees, customers, and the communities we serve, safe and healthy. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to be prepared to respond to situations that could occur due to the outbreak.

For Our Business Customers - Please click here to visit our COVID-19 Resources for Business Owners page, which includes updated information on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

For Our Consumer Loan Customers  - If you are experiencing financial hardship you may be able to defer your consumer loan and/or mortgage payment. Please click here to submit a COVID-19 Explanation of Hardship form. Once received we will review and contact you to discuss your options.


Steps We are Taking

As a community and a nation, we are going through unprecedented times. With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the associated market and economic impacts, it can feel like there are more questions than answers which may lead to additional stress and difficulties for all of us, our families, and our businesses. We are here for you as always, and want to assure you that we will all get through this together.

We remain as committed as ever to supporting you and your financial needs. For more than 170 years, we have been committed to supporting the financial needs of our customers and communities. Back in March, when the pandemic initially surged, we were one of the few banks in our market area who unilaterally waived and rebated certain fees to help our customers through a difficult time. After eight months and careful consideration, we have decided to reinstitute the fees listed below beginning on November 23, 2020. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for the complete listing.

  • Overdraft Item Fee (per item) – $35
  • Automatic Transfer Overdraft Protection Fee (each transfer) – $8
  • CD Early Withdrawal Penalties – varies based on term and amount of CD
  • Holiday / Vacation Club Early Withdrawal Fee – $12
  • Telephone Transfer Fee – $3
  • Business Mobile e-Deposit Fee – no longer charging this fee
  • Returned Deposited Item Fee – $12
  • Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer Fee – $10
  • Incoming International Wire Transfer Fee – $15
  • ATM Inquiry and Withdrawal Fee – $2
  • Late payment fees on loans – varies based on terms

If you encounter financial hardship, please reach out to your personal banker or Customer Support at 860.596.2444 and we will do our best to work with you on an individual basis.

The health and safety of our customers, employees and community is paramount to everything we do. This is why we were one of the first banks in our area to make the decision to redirect our customers to more effectively and safely serve you from our drive-ups, temporarily closing our branch lobbies as a proactive measure, and making them accessible by appointment only. 

Now that our branches are open again, we have implemented safe banking guidelines which can be found here.

Your money with us is safe and fully insured. We offer insurance of funds through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which covers up to $250,000 per depositor for each account ownership category.

We also offer Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® (CDARS), which gives you full FDIC insurance on CD investments larger than $250,000. Another option is our Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS) service, where you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on your savings deposits.

For more details on FDIC, CDARS or ICS coverage please call us at 860.596.2444.

Our financial strength means you can have confidence in our stability and resilience. We have served our customers and community for over 170 years. And we will continue to serve you - in a safe and sound manner - even through times of uncertainty.

We are here for you - even if we don't see you in person. While we all practice safe social distancing, know that our dedicated team is working tirelessly to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances affecting us all. We are available and ready to answer any questions you may have as we all navigate through this environment together.

Additionally, preventative programs are in place to reduce the likelihood that our operations would be significantly affected by the Coronavirus, including:

  • monitoring of reported outbreaks, and
  • communicating and coordinating with critical service providers and suppliers

We have implemented “social distancing” techniques internally to minimize the typical face-to-face contact by utilizing teleconference calls, video conferencing, and flexible work schedules. In addition, we have created safe "social distancing" zones within the Bank by re-organizing work stations and having employees work remotely.

Employees have been requested to follow CDC guidelines. If an employee has traveled or believes they have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, we have requested that they self-quarantine at home for at least 14 days.

We have mandated the use of gloves for all employees handling cash.

Updates will be posted on this page as we receive them to keep you informed of the situation.

Your Banking Options

In general, the less people you're exposed to, the lower the possibility of contracting a virus such as flu or COVID-19. Until more is understood about the current pandemic, we encourage you to use our online tools for your banking needs.

  • e-Banking and e-Pay allow you to bank from your home or office. Transfer funds between your Salisbury Bank accounts, pay bills, make loan payments - and more.
  • Our Mobile Banking App puts your account information at your fingertips, wherever you are, to securely manage your money 24/7.
  • Make check deposits on the go with e-Deposit.
  • Send money directly to friends or family using Popmoney.
  • Set up your mobile device to act as a debit card by adding your card to a Mobile Wallet, or even turn your debit card off and on between purchases - and much more.
  • e-Statements let you access your statements from any computer at any time - and help save trees!
  • e-Banking Alerts let you request and receive messages about your Salisbury Bank accounts via email.
  • The Manage My Money spending tool provides a real-time consolidated view of all your finances at Salisbury Bank. View your balances and transactions, set savings goals, and keep track of your expenses electronically.

We also offer Bank-by-Phone, a service that allows you to access your accounts 24/7 by calling 877.728.1212.

Other options available:

Night Depository – drop off your banking in any of our night drops located at all our branch locations

Drive-Up Tellers – use our drive-up teller service instead of coming into the Bank

If you have questions about any of these tools please call your personal banker or Customer Support at 860.596.2444 for more information.

It's all about staying healthy and protecting yourself and your families, neighbors, and friends.


As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading quickly around the world and pushing into states as close as Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, scammers are now using people’s fears to infiltrate their email accounts.

According to The Wall Street Journal and computer security giant Norton, hackers are sending out malicious emails claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or other credible organizations, offering the latest information and/or preventatives for the virus.

Businesses are being hit with emails doctored to look like the recipient’s company purchase order for hard-to-come-by items like face masks and sanitizer, and the target is tricked into wiring payments to a fraudulent account. Others may promise information about a company’s remote-work plan, only to load malware onto the user’s computer.

Individuals are more likely to be targeted by official-looking phishing emails with purported links to the latest information about COVID-19. In one example cited by Norton, “an email carrying a forged logo of the CDC Health Alert Network claimed to provide a list of local active infections. In order to access the ‘information,’ recipients were instructed to click on a link and enter their email login credentials, which were then hijacked”.

Shoppers desperate for items like masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes have encountered empty shelves in stores and price-gouging online (including hundreds to thousands of dollars in delivery fees). The online marketer eBay banned sellers of these items from its site after USA Today reported inflated prices on them. Amazon has vowed to strictly monitor the prices of personal protective equipment (PPE) from third-party sellers.

What you should do:

  1. If you are looking for information on COVID-19, stick to reputable websites such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. Be hyper-aware of phishing emails that can look completely legitimate. Check out the email address after the @ sign to see if it looks right. Even better, type the URL of a trusted source (see #1) directly into your browser.
  3. Exercise the same caution you would with any other unexpected email. Don’t click on or follow links unless you’re sure of the source and that it’s legitimate.
  4. Be suspicious of unsolicited offers for hand sanitizer, masks and other PPE items, especially if the price seems low. The sender may be looking to hijack your banking or email credentials.
  5. Beware of online ads or articles promoting ‘cures,’ or conspiracy theories about the virus. Social media platforms are attempting to curtail these malicious postings.
  6. As always, keep all your devices updated with the latest anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-malware programs, and exercise safe “online hygiene”.

For more information on coronavirus-related scams please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s site at


The following sites can be a resource to find the latest information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation:

Customers Facing Financial Hardship

While many are worrying about what they can do to avoid contracting COVID-19, we want to reassure you we are here to help if you have been impacted. If you are facing financial hardships please reach out to your personal banker or call Customer Support at 860.596.2444. to discuss your options.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information on this program please visit