Manage My Money

The Manage My Money spending tool - offers a real-time consolidated view of all your finances at Salisbury Bank. View your balances, transactions, set savings goals, and keep track of your expenses, all while you are using e-Banking.

This Personal Financial Management Tool Can Help:

  • Track your income.
  • Track your expenses.
  • Categorize common expenses and even create your own unique categories.
  • Track spending habits.
  • Create and maintain budgets and financial goals.
  • Monitor activities by creating alerts.

Useful Features

Budget - Control the direction of your financial future. Setting up your budget is the perfect way to calculate where your regular income and expenses are, see where you can eliminate wasteful spending, and save more money for the things you really need!

Savings goals - Setting up savings goals will help you achieve your financial objectives easier and faster. When you set up your savings goals you can see exactly how far you have come and how much further you have to go. This is an ideal way to prepare for buying new appliances or furniture, saving for a family vacation, or paying for college tuition.

Categories - Keeping track of exactly where your money is going is more straightforward than ever. Assign your income and expenses to the accurate category to see how much is coming in and how much you spend each month on items like groceries, gas, electricity, dining out, etc.

Sign Up

It's easy to sign up. Just log in to e-Banking and click on the Manage My Money tab.

*Please contact a Customer Service Associate at 860.435.9801 for more details.