e-Banking Alerts

Always know what's going on with your Salisbury Bank accounts by staying up to date on all your activity - anytime, anywhere - with e-Banking Alerts. The e-Banking Alerts service allows you to request and receive messages about your Salisbury Bank accounts via email. You manage the types and frequency of your e-Banking Alerts.


  • A FREE service that delivers updates about all of your checking, savings, certificate of deposit, and loan accounts to your personal email address.
  • Help prevent the embarrassment of an overdraft by letting you know when your checking account balance drops below a level you set.
  • Offers you a wide range of valuable, time-saving updates about your account, including[1]:  
    • Balance Alerts notify you when the balance in your checking or savings account goes above or below a dollar amount you specify.
    • Available Balance Snapshot Alerts notify you daily of the available balance in your account.
    • Debit Card Purchase Alerts notify you when the amount of any purchase transaction performed with your Salisbury Bank and Trust Company debit card is withdrawn from the account and at or above the dollar amount selected by you.
    • Electronic Deposit Alerts notify you when any type of electronic deposit posts to your Salisbury Bank account.
    • Insufficient Funds Fee Alerts notify you when a transaction occurs that results in an insufficient funds fee being applied to the account selected by you.
    • Reminder Alerts notify you with reminders at the frequency you choose. This alert can be any type of reminder and is not specific to any account or transaction. The alert could be a reminder to make a deposit, pay a bill, discuss refinancing your mortgage with a Salisbury Bank representative, or even to remind a family member about a dentist appointment!  Use a Reminder Alert to keep your financial affairs and the rest of your life in order.
    • Withdrawal Alerts notify you with the amount of any transaction that results in a withdrawal of funds from the account and above the dollar amount selected by you.

How to Set Up

Log in to e-Banking and select the "Profile Icon" on the top right of the page. Under the "Service Center" tab you will see an "Alerts" section listed under "Account Services".

To create new "Alerts", select the "Alert Type" from the list and click the "Add Subscription" button.

e-Banking Alerts are free and it's so easy to have account activity and personal reminders e-mailed directly to you!

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[1] Alerts may not be encrypted and may include limited information pertaining to your account(s). Receipt of each Alert may be delayed, or prevented by factor(s) affecting your Internet Service Provider, and such other relevant entities. Salisbury Bank and Trust Company reserves the right to terminate any request from you, for any Alert, at any time. The information in any alert may be subject to time delays.

Salisbury Bank does our best to provide alerts in a timely manner with accurate information, but does not guarantee either the delivery or accuracy of any information requested or provided through the alerts or that you will have continuous or uninterrupted access to the alerts. Salisbury Bank is not responsible for any delay, failure or error in the transmission or content of the alerts, and will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the delivery, non-delivery or wrong delivery of any alerts, from any inaccurate information provided through the alerts, from your use of or reliance on any information contained in the alerts or from your inability to access the alerts. For more information, please contact a Customer Associate at 860.435.9801.