Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a special tax-advantaged savings account designed to cover current and future medical expenses for individuals and families covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). You are the owner of your HSA and make decisions regarding contributions and distributions, allowing more control over how your health care dollars are spent. Unspent dollars may accumulate year after year.

  • Who Can Have an HSA?

  • Is an HSA right for you?

  • What is a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)?

  • Who can make contributions to an HSA?

  • Using Your HSA

  • What are the Advantages of an HSA

  • What Happens to my HSA When I Die?

  • It's easy to make deposits to your HSA.

  • It's easy to pay for medical expenses from your HSA.

  • It's easy to manage your Salisbury Bank HSA.

It's easy to open an HSA

It's easy to open a Health Savings Account at Salisbury Bank. Simply Click Here to apply or stop by your nearest branch location.

Salisbury Bank also has HSA application packages available for employers who offer High Deductible Health Plans to their employees. It's easy for employees to sign up for HSAs right at work.