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Why Salisbury Wealth Advisory?

At Salisbury Bank Wealth Advisory we provide a disciplined approach to wealth management and support our Clients with the structure they need to succeed.

Trusted insight from experienced advisors.

Highly responsive, accessible, transparent.

Big Firm Know-How, Small Firm Attitude

Experience that matters. Our team of fiduciary advisors offers a high level of personal attention and oversight that can provide value for generations.

Managing investments for over 100 years.

Over 1,100 client accounts, 7% of those represent non-profits.

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Our Services

When you work with Salisbury Bank Wealth Advisory you can be assured that your needs will always come first.

We specialize in comprehensive wealth advisory inclusive of: asset and investment management, retirement planning, trust and estate administration. We take an in-person consultative approach which helps guide the way we map out our client’s short-term and long-term objectives.

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Investment Management

Assets are managed with the oversight of our internal Trust Investment Committee.  We partner with external investment managers and experts, and employ both active and passive strategies. We take into consideration the circumstances and requirements of the account, the risk tolerance and risk capacity of the client, and investment preferences.

Trust and Estate Administration

Our Officers have years of experience in trust and estate administration, with varying areas of expertise to guide you, either as sole trustee, co-trustee, successor trustee/executor, or as agent for the trustee/executor.

Having a trusted partner by your side to competently execute the plans you have created with your legal advisors provides a comfort many families seek.

Retirement Planning

Salisbury Bank Wealth Advisory works with your company to provide advice for retirement plan investment options or to manage those accounts in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement we develop together. We may work with your preferred third party administrator or we have established relationships with others you may select. Similarly, there are multiple options for plan platforms to allow for an efficient solution depending upon the type and size of the plan.

Our Financial Planning Process

Our planning process includes:

  • Utilizing comprehensive financial management  incorporating investments, banking, and trust administration.
  • Taking a planning-based approach toward investment management, geared to meeting cash flow and future retirement needs, rather than simply being focused on stock market trends.
  • Working closely with our clients’ legal and tax advisors to fashion an overall financial plan that fits their goals and objectives.
  • Under one roof, coordinating banking and investing to ensure portfolio income is easily accessible from your checking account, if necessary.

4 Steps Towards a Successful Plan

Client Profile Analysis

Getting to know you, your priorities, and concerns to address first.

Get Organized

Working together to organize your financial information.

Determination of Portfolio Strategy

Developing and agreeing upon a course of action, to include an overall investment strategy.

Monitoring And Reporting

Monitoring and reporting results in recurring meetings to keep you on track to your objectives, making adjustments along the way as needed.

We Make Sure Your Money Is There When You Need It

One of the biggest challenges in retirement is managing your cash flow. We will help you:

  • Identify all of your predictable income sources, including pension, social security retirement income or annuities
  • Factor in outside income sources, including retirement savings
  • Add up your known liabilities, such as a mortgage or any other loans, and expenses
  • Chart your short and long-term cash flow needs
  • Project spending patterns and align them with expected income and portfolio withdrawals

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Monitoring Progress

Retirement is an ongoing effort and collaboration.  Life is constantly moving goals and targets, and therefore your planning is in periodic need of updating and adjustment.  We work WITH you to keep you on track with the plan we develop together, and we keep you informed and in control along the way.

Salisbury Bank Wealth Advisory

2 Powerful Client Resource Apps

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1. Salisbury Client Portal

View your Trust or Investment Account activity & statements.

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2. eMoney - Personal Financial Website

Access your personal financial plan.

Wealth Management System

The Salisbury Client Portal

Your informational portal, customized specifically for you to stay connected to your financial picture. Offering a collaborative experience with consolidated end-to-end planning, interactive side-by-side scenario planning, and retirement planning, our Client Portal will help put your mind at ease.

If you have any questions please contact us directly at:



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eMoney, Helping People Manage Their Finances

We are building trust and strengthening our client relationships with eMoney’s comprehensive financial planning platform.

Your financial needs and goals are constantly evolving, which is why working with an experienced Salisbury Bank Wealth Advisory fiduciary professional can help you achieve your goals.


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Because they have high quality people that I can always rely on 24-7.

Andrew Gundlach

President and co-CEO, Bleichroeder LLC

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Steven Brandfield

“Because helping clients develop a plan that works for them is what I do best.”

Steven Brandfield, Senior Wealth Director

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