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Why We’re Different

Tailored Solutions

We believe each client is different, with their own complexities and objectives.

Investment Culture

We are not tied to one solution or investment option. The unique needs of our clients guide us to an appropriate strategy.

Trust and Estate Services

Rely on one institution to develop your plan and see it through for generations.

Responsibility as a Fiduciary

We have acted as a fiduciary since our creation in 1925 and always have the best interests of our clients in mind.

Our People

Experienced advisors are prepared to work alongside you and your family.

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Build an investment plan that will meet your goals.

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Trust Reporter

View your Trust or Investment Account activity & statements.

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Personal financial website

Access your personal financial plan.

Wealth Management System
Steven Brandfield

“Because helping clients develop a plan that works for them is what I do best.”

Steven Brandfield, Senior Wealth Director

Because they have high quality people that I can always rely on 24-7.

Andrew Gundlach

President and co-CEO, Bleichroeder LLC

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